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There is something special happening here. We’ve saved the government money [by building an open data platform at virtually no cost to the council], we helped the local community to take ownership of local problems, and we’ve proved that open data isn’t just a big city game.

  • samantha-mowbray
  • Jon Poole, Research & Intelligence Manager at the Council

What is Open Data?

A scalable cloud platform helps you create a flexible and sustainable open data program from day one. The Socrata Open Data Portal™ simplifies data movement by making it easy to upload, query, analyze, visualize, and share.

Socrata Open Data solutions help you share important data with citizens and your employees. Drive informed decisions, improve resident engagement and satisfaction, spend less, and reduce the complexity of becoming more transparent.

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Data Publishing, Optimised for Business Users

Easy-to-use tools for publishing and updating data from spreadsheets, file systems, transactional databases, and real-time data sources.

Flexible Metadata Management

Implement the data governance model that’s right for you, and ensure compliance with metadata schema standards.

Federate Your Data With Other Organisations

When it comes to open data, its value grows exponentially the more data is shared between government organisations. Socrata’s Open Data Portal allows you to easily federate with regional or national open data catalogues.

Measure the Success of Your Programme in Real Time

Find out what’s working and what’s not based on user interactions, in addition to real-time consumption and distribution of your data and APIs.

Easy-to-use Administration Tools

As you would expect in a mature Software-as-a-Service product, site administration gives you everything you need to secure your site, manage resources, and empower all users to get the most out of your data.

Used by more than 250 governments worldwide.

Camden is working with Socrata to deliver better access to data to help improve our internal information re-use and to engage more richly with our residents.

  • Councillor Theo Blackwell, Cabinet member for Finance and Technology Policy

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