What Gets Measured Gets Done

You can so easily see the vision and what we’re trying to achieve – rather than needing to look it up in a dusty performance report.

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  • Samantha Mowbray, West Sussex

What is Open Performance?

Socrata Open Performance enables the measurement and presentation of public sector performance data, in context, via rich dashboards, interactive visualisations, maps and narrative. Open performance helps public sector leaders connect the dots between strategic goals, tactics, data and outcomes.

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Define your goals using an intuitive interface

Easy-to-use tool to organise performance data from multiple sources

Inform data-driven decision making

Dynamic dashboards that enable employers, senior managers, politicians, and board members to understand how your organisation is performing

Organise data from multiple sources into a cloud-based warehouse

A powerful and flexible platform for collaboration and sharing

Unlimited user licenses

Collaborate with citizens

An intuitive and interactive performance dashboard helps residents understand the services your organisation provides and view progress against goals

Customers Using Open Performance

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